The Short version: How i got here

I’m an LA transplant from Kentucky. I’ve always had a passion for helping others & when I finally found out that I could make a career out of doing just that, it was like the moment that I found out that Chipotle was a few blocks away from my apartment—THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME.

Click here for my full bio. This is the long version for those of you who love a good read.

the whys: Why i do what i do

One night, my friend and I were sitting at our dining room table discussing one of life’s many mysteries: our futures. At the time, she was in a state of confusion. Does she quit her job? Stay even though she’s not feeling fulfilled? Does she leave and pursue what she’s been journaling and talking to me about for the past year? We spent all night (literally, stayed up way past my bedtime) going over how she was going to make this choice. And what she needed to do to get to that choice that she ultimately wanted. 

Well, people of the jury, that woman has since then left that job and started her dream business. This moment- this raw, vulnerable, emotion filled moment, inspired me to want to reach out to other women who are on the pursuit of fulfillment. That night was the night that I knew that I needed to add color to my own career. From this experience, a new chapter began. 

I then went on to sign up for a conference dedicated to female creatives to gain insight and inspiration from other entrepreneurs. Every single individual who spoke left me with one piece of advice that I needed to hear. The biggest one of all for me was: Show up for people. If I don’t show up for people then I am not living my purpose.  Four months later, I became CCF Life Coach Certified. And I’ve been coaching women ever since. 

I get inspired by coaching those who have an insane amount of passion for what they do and what they want to create. It’s those “aha” moments that I get to see happen- when I’m actually seeing the progression and transformation- that is why I do that I do.  


The whys: Why choose me

I care. I believe that people matter. I believe even more that people’s dreams matter. 

I tailor the coursework to fit exactly what you need. If we go off track, it’s because we have to pick something up that’s necessary for you to continue on this journey. Every step that we take together is important & is going to get you to where you want to be. 

This isn't the time to think small. This is the time to think about the footprint that you want to leave- your biggest impact. If you were known for creating/being/doing one thing in your lifetime, what would you want that to be??

It's okay to get lost in the clouds if you have someone to bring you back down to earth. That's where I come in. 

Let’s do this. You & Me.