Our life coach: Alex Klein

All of the things that you want to know about Alex & might not ask:

Fav Rap Song- If I hear "m.A.A.d. city"- kendrick lamar or "trophies"- drake- it's on. Especially at Soul Cycle.

Salty or Sweet- I will always choose sweet

Fav yoga pose- Pigeon. It hurts soo good. 

Guilty Pleasure- Netflix binges. Most recent: Friday Night Lights & Parenthood. Moving on to Grey’s Anatomy with a box of tissues.

Quote to live by- “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody"

Stranded on an island- iPhone, Jambox, My down comforter (I'm always cold), Journal + pen. And secretly hoping that I'm stranded with the love of my life.

Alex according to Casey: Creative. Dedicated. Genuine. Surprising. The Magic Maker.  Your new favorite person. Still Waters Run Deep (buckle up).