Our yoga instructor: Casey Layne

All of the things that you want to know about Casey & might not ask:

Fav Rap song - "Testify" by Kanye West. 

Salty or Sweet? Sweeeeeet 

Fav yoga pose - Supine Twist. I’m obsessed. I have to do it every night before bed.

Guilty pleasure - Erewhon Food Market…If ya don’t know…pack your life savings and find out ;) 

Quote to live by - “I am. You are. We are.” also, “What is to give off light, must first endure burning.” 

Stranded on an island - Family. Yoga Mat. Books. Pen & Journal. Erewhon. 

Casey according to Alex: Complete Sunshine (zero clouds). Authentic. Gives from the heart. Captivating. The best hugger that I know. Rap genius. Pure Joy.