Let's take it back: 

Growing up in Kentucky, I always had dreams where I was exploring big cities and discovering what else life had to offer. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and indulging in new experiences always excited me & I did just that when I moved to New York City to attend college. It was then where I quickly learned what it meant to be independent, what it took to set goals for myself and that I could choose to eat pizza for dinner every night if I wanted to. 

If you were to ask my 16 year old self what my dream job out of college would have been, I would have said "hands down-working at a record label" . I managed to do just that. After graduation, I landed a Marketing role at an independent record label. While I loved certain aspects of my job (like my co-workers),  It took me 2 1/2 years to figure out that the life that I thought that I wanted growing up wasn’t actually what I wanted anymore and that was a scary feeling. After that realization, I had to go with my gut and make the choice to move back home to Kentucky. 

To most, the decision didn’t make sense. Leaving a job and a city filled with opportunity required a leap of faith and what I had to be confident in was that through my experiences, I knew exactly what I didn’t want: which was my guide to help me find what I did want. Through vision boards and journaling, I manifested the perfect job for me. However, it came to me in a package that I wasn’t expecting. I started working for a retail company, lululemon athletica, where I instantly felt at home. lululemon athletica opened me up to what is possible, which ultimately inspired me to do what I now know is my calling: to serve others through offering support and coaching. 

A year later, I yet again went with my gut and moved to Los Angeles, California where I currently live with my lifemate, Christina, & our adorable Manchester Terrier, Pippa. 

Random facts that I'm sure you're dying to know: 

My first car: Forest Green Toyota Solara. She had a great sound system & was a pain in the ass for all of my friends to get in and out of. It was perfect.  

Guilty pleasure: Reflexology. If I could go every day I would! 

Favorite Kanye album: The College Dropout 

My least favorite household chore: Folding laundry. Specifically matching my socks-- I am ALWAYS losing socks! 

I start my morning with: Liquids. Hot water with lemon & then after, always coffee. 

Favorite time of the day: Sunset aka magic hour. It's my favorite time of the day to relax, reflect and spend time with people who fill me up. It's the inspiration behind my logo. 

How I enjoy my coffee: Lattes. Preferably with a sweet flavor. 

Least favorite food: The first thing that comes to mind is pickles. Gross. 

Which band would I want to go on tour with: The Backstreet Boys. Hands down, obsessed since the 4th grade. 

Best meal I've ever had: Brunch in Dubai at Al Qsar with 2 of my best friends. There were 50 food stations (I'm talking freshly made pasta made right in front of you), unlimited champagne & an incredible outdoor atmosphere. Something that I probably shouldn't tell you is that 2 hours later we were at Shake Shack indulging, yet again. One thing that I love about my friends is that they have an appreciation for great food & company! 

Favorite places in the world (that I've experienced): There is nothing better than my home sweet home, Kentucky. Followed by: NYC, Palm Springs, Napa Valley, Sydney and Belize. 

Favorite Disneyland ride: Space Mountain. The line was absolutely worth it! 

Much needed yoga pose: Pigeon. It hurts soooo good. 

Quote that I live by: "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody."