I couldn’t imagine doing this without having Alex as my secret weapon. The check-ins were so helpful and the continuous course re-route helped me to get my project off the ground and remain focused on what I wanted to create. I felt like she understood my journey despite having been in my exact shoes. That is what’s so unique about her - she can take on anyone and help them understand their entrepreneurial journey better than you ever could. She sees what you don’t. And, I couldn’t have done JIG+SAW without her support.

— Christina Topacio, Founder of JIG+SAW
As a “busy” entrepreneur I believed I had no time to spend on a life coach or even thinking about myself. The Hustle Co. proved me wrong and changed the trajectory of my personal life and my business. They are tailored, honest, and strategic in their coaching approach - resulting in peace of mind, clarity on the future and most of all, confidence in who I am and what I’m capable of.
— Jess Puccinelli, Founder of Haute Hope
As an artist, it’s a challenge to find people that understand what your daily and long term business challenges are. My needs and struggles are very unique, but Alex from The Hustle Company did just that.

Her approach was spot on and her tailored plan for me was incredibly helpful in my journey. It felt great to communicate with someone so honestly about my business and life goals.

I started to hear myself say things out loud that were surprising weekly, breaking down barriers and learning about my purpose and goals more than I could imagine. I always left our meetings
feeling clear, happy, but also with a new challenge ahead to figure out.
— Sabrina Hill, Photographer
I highly recommend The Hustle Co.
Alex’s calm approach and excellent coaching style bring inspiration and a shift toward positive change. Alex has helped me become clearer on my company goals and how to attain them. Over the weeks we worked together I learned how to break down big goals into smaller attainable ones. Alex is very patient and provides great support throughout. I have seen growth in my business and reached my goal of attaining 2 new clients/month.
— Ellana Ellis, founder of Eat Fit Foods