Photo by:  Chelsea Cooper

Photo by: Chelsea Cooper


Being new to Los Angeles, we both had a lot of ambition and loved to fantasize about our future. Endless possibilities! But let’s call it like it is, life is full of surprises and things don’t always go according to plan. We face obstacles, illness, endless parking tickets, breakups, work requirements, bills, obligations, etc. It can be easy to get distracted and worn down by the day to day grind. Both of us were immersed in inspirational settings…Casey as a yoga instructor and Alex as a life coach. And while we were both pursuing our dreams and working hard, something was missing. There was a disconnect.

Our journey together began (as so many beautiful relationships do) with stretchy black yoga pants, working together at lululemon (a company that teaches the importance of goal setting and physical activity) we were always in the conversation of “what’s next?!” and “where are we sweating this week?”. One lovely summer afternoon at one of our favorite coffee shops, we were chatting about our "next moves" in our personal business ventures and a light bulb went off. Yoga & life coaching. A perfect blend of our individual skills. On their own, our services were valuable. But together, we knew we could create something that would be life changing.

Change and growth is a constant part of life. It’s not just about the everyday grind. And it’s not just about doing a rain dance and telling the universe that you’re ready to be a millionaire now. There is value in both the fluff & the stuff. See definitions below-

Fluff = dreaming, meditating, visualizing, manifesting

Stuff = pen to paper, goal setting, action plans, accountability

 The quick and dirty. Here’s what we provide:

Yoga & goals

Imagination & action

A map & navigation

Creativity & logistics

…And lots of dance parties!

We are so excited to share our unique programs with you. From individual coaching/private yoga, to group workshops, to international retreats…we have some really exciting adventures in the works. Can’t wait to take this journey together.